Norbell Training Services

Norbell's complete and comprehensive training program is ideal for start-up call center professionals, as well as, advance level programs for human resource career development. We provide training in our multimedia facilities located worldwide and customized in-house training services on customer locations.

We have certified and trained instructors with multimedia training material and tools.

The following is a listing of courses offered through Norbell:

(All courses are offered at User, Support and Instructor level)

General Call Center Training

  • Agent Workstation and Telephone
  • Ergonomics
  • Sales Basic
  • Customer Service Basic
  • Call Center 101
  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • Dealing with stress

Soft Skills Training

  • Soft skill training Level 1 [Basic]
  • Soft Skill training Level 2 [Intermediate]
  • Soft Skill training Level 3 [advanced]

Technical Training

  1. Technical Training [Basic]
    • Telecommunication [residential]
    • LAN and WAN [Basic]
    • Computer and Software [Basic]
  2. Technical Training [Intermediate]
    • Telecommunication [Business]
    • Internetworking [Basic]
    • Computer and Software [Intermediate]
    • Help Desk 101

Technical Training

  • Technical Training [advanced]
  • Telecommunication [carrier & service provider]
  • Internetworking advanced
  • CRM and Knowledgebase [basic]
  • Help Desk [advanced – single point resolution]

Human Resource

  • HR Department 101
  • Polices and Legislation
  • Attendance and Workload Management
  • Employment contract
  • Evaluation and feedback
  • Pay for performance
  • HR legal and Financial
  • HR Management and Controls
  • Organization Structure, responsibilities and controls

Quality Controls

  • Introduction to Quality Controls
  • Elements of Quality Controls
  • Quality Control Implementation
  • QUALITY Auditing, Reporting, Feedback and Close looping
  • Help Desk [advanced – single point resolution]


  • Introduction to Call Center Operations
  • Department structure, Job titles, job description and responsibilities
  • Projects, Campaigns, Teams and redundancy
  • Interdepartmental interfaces, correspondence and communication
  • Attendance and workload management
  • Minimum performance Vs. commission and Incentives


  • Data and Information Management
  • CRM and CIM
  • Monitoring, Auditing, Reporting and Compliance
  • Communications
  • Systems and Applications
  • Security, legal and Financial Controls

Information Technology

  • Introduction to traditional telephony
  • Introduction to IP telephony
  • Advanced Internetworking
  • Infrastructure
  • Installations, maintenance, Support, monitoring and management

Advanced Help Desk and single point resolution

  • Introduction
  • Resource Qualification
  • Processes and escalation levels
  • Problems Description and Close looping
  • Active Knowledgebase
  • 7x24x365

Telecommunications Billing and Management

  • Introduction
  • Traditional Telephony Billing
  • IP Billing
  • Wireless billing
  • E-Commerce
  • AP, AR, Auditing, CDR Consolidation, Reconciliation
  • Wholesale, Retail and Customer billing

Project Management

  • Introduction
  • Project management for Call Centers
  • Project management [Basic]
  • Project management [Intermediate]
  • Project management [Advanced]
  • AP, AR, Auditing, CDR Consolidation, Reconciliation
  • Wholesale, Retail and Customer billing