Quality Monitoring

Norbell lays highest emphasis on the quality of customer interaction services. It has a sound procedure to monitor every call between its representative and valued customers. The quality of calls is evaluated by-

  • Mystery Callers
  • Recordings
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Barge-Ins
  • Silent Monitoring

Call Center Quality Montioring Techniques


Frequent Evaluation

The monitoring team keeps a close eye on every agent and their incentives depend on the basis of their monitored performance. Frequent evaluation of reports for every agent is carried out to judge their conformity with the script, product and the service-specific information. Save time and resources for focus on critical center operations and service improvement activity.


Whispered assistance

Contact center supervisors provide whispered coaching to on-line agents. It results in a more concentrated and immediate solution when our agents are online with the customers. Moreover, test calls by prospective / existing clients are also readily welcome at all times.


Frequent Re-Evaluation

Dealing with the quality process, we view all the possible parameters in detail. All the aspects that are set up in the beginning of the process are re-evaluated and their end result is compared with the expected one (like the average time per call). All the discrepancies are noted and are rightly accounted for.

Norbell fragments and dissects every piece of information such as the call type, its date and time etc. to generate frequent work reports. These are easy to comprehend by our clients and very useful in quick decision-making.