Virtual Office Agent

Norbell has recently completed their development of the live agent service portfolio, called the Virtual Office Agent (VOA). We have a number of unique services offered under the VOA portfolio, as described in detail below. This portfolio will be offered on the infrastructure designed and built to deliver the "Call Center Franchise" offering.

"Virtual Office Agent (VOA)" is a service portfolio of Norbell, which is the first Call Center Company to encompass all products and services packaged to deliver a total solution to the call center marketplace. In today's competitive marketplace, service providers are largely placing emphasis on automation, thus neglecting customer's need for personal service.

Pizza Industry is very unique and requires Pizza businesses to have unique, innovative and proven solutions to have a competitive winning edge. Norbell brings three decades of Call Center and Telecommunications Industry experience to offer one of the most professional "Remote Pizza Agent" program globally.

Our main strength is our people, who are fully qualified in the Pizza order taking, customer service and store support operations and process; they are professional and reliable. Our team is Passionate about what they do.

Changing technology requires up to date knowledge and experience to service information systems in organizations. It is crucial for organizations to have trained and qualified professionals to gain a strategic positioning in the industry. Our consultants provide cost effective means to accommodate customer requirements, at the same time providing professional services.

The purchasing power of Norbell Call Center Franchise allows us to provide aggressive discounts on equipment and telecommunication purchases for our customers. Our multiple warehouses and staging facilities assist in the delivery of our solution to any desired location in Canada and around the world.

Industry Standard Voice and Data Cabling

Norbell uses Cat 5 (UTP 6) 4-pair cabling, separate for voice and data, we will provide sufficient cabling to accommodate growth. All cabling will be tested and certified to our maintenance and management standards, including proper cable design. Following are the main areas considered in our present design:

  • Voice and data cabling for all workstations.
  • Voice and data cabling to the support staff & management offices.
  • Voice and data cabling to lab, training area and conference facilities.
  • Computer/telecommunication closet cabling for voice and data.
  • Computer room cabling.
Two levels of installation services are available to Norbell customers:
  1. Basic Product Installation and
  2. Turn-Key Product Installation.
(1) Basic Product Installation

To assist customers with the initial set-up of LAN/WAN products, Norbell offers Basic Product Installation services for all Cisco, Mitel, Nortel, Cabletron, IBM, NEC, Dell and many other products throughout the U.S. and Canada. Basic installation services are available 8x5, Monday through Friday in all serviceable areas. Service outside of those hours is available at an additional fee.

Prior to the arrival of the Norbell field engineer for basic product installation, the customer will be responsible for ordering, installing, and provisioning power and phone lines. Additionally, the customer will need to supply SPIDs, phone numbers, IP addresses, and any information required for correct and complete installation.

(2)Turn-Key Product Installation

For those customers seeking end-to-end installation of their products, Norbell offers Turn-Key Product Installation. In addition to handling the basic installation, Turn-Key Product Installation services provide complete handling of all ISDN requirements, including installation scheduling, line provisioning, and coordination of all installation activities. The service is available only for authorized products in the U.S and Canada.

Turn-Key Product Installation services are available 8x5, Monday through Friday in all serviceable areas. Service outside of those hours is available at an additional fee.

Norbell provides three levels of hardware maintenance and support services to customers: Bronze Service, Silver Service, and Gold Service.

All three Hardware Support services include the following basic services:
  • 24x7 technical phone support.
  • 1 hour phone response from receipt of initial phone call for support
  • Routing to field dispatch when on-site maintenance is required (for customers with service contracts or with a request for service on a time and material basis)
  • Customer access to the following information via the World Wide Web:
    • Technical product information and FAQ's
    • Non-billable software updates via the World Wide Web
    • Software release notes

Managing a complex network is more than just managing cables and computers. It requires experienced people, sophisticated technology and sound management principles to ensure that your network investment does in fact provide shareholder value and that it enables the achievement of business objectives. We at Norbell take pride in utilizing all this expertise for your convenience, enhanced security and smooth business operations.

Many organizations are realizing that, with today's computer and communications technology, well-managed Call Centers can generate substantial income for their operations. The Call Center approach also ensures that you have a complete and accurate record of transactions.

Implementing a Call Center to handle all of the incoming orders will ensure a consistent high quality of customer interaction and maximum revenue per call. Trained staff will provide fast friendly service and allow the customers to concentrate on their core business - making or delivering service. Since typically the labor component makes up approximately 65% of a call center's operating budget, it is critical that you are equipped with the tools and knowledge to maximize this asset.

Norbell Call Center Professional Services "Amar-Job" consultants are internationally acclaimed as the experts in Call Center start-up and ongoing performance management and are unequaled in their ability to transfer this knowledge to your organization.

Our four hiring and training centers in India, in addition to the one in Canada have supplied human resource for the past 20 years worldwide.

For the startup phase of the total solution we're proposing will screen, test, hire and train the initial agents and supervisors and equip them with the appropriate Call Center skills and tools. We will deliver a 'Call Center qualified' staff ready to handle the incoming business with skill an enthusiasm.

Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace to fit the requirements of call center agents. It represents a tool whereby your call center can enhance the performance of agents by improving comfort, reducing the physical strain associated with their jobs and improving their efficiency. The Norbell Call Center Professional Services Ergonomic Program, developed by our Alliance group, exclusively for use in the call center work environment is designed to accomplish this in a logical and cost-effective manner. Norbell will help customers create an ergonomically-correct work environment, a workforce properly trained in the principles of ergonomics and a self-sustaining ergonomics system within your organization.

CAD and Data Conversion Software Services
  1. Accuracy
  2. Fast Turnaround
  3. Aggressive, Fixed Price with no hidden clauses
  4. Fully vectorized databases
Following are our areas of expertise
  • Database programming and Development
  • WEB based development in ASP/PHP/JSP
  • E-Business Applications
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response Systems)
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • Visual Basic, Unix, C++

Norbell brings financing and leasing partners to deliver our total quality solutions to you. Our end to end Call Center Solution not only includes equipment procurements, staging, testing, installation, maintenance, help desk and network management, but also Financing. AmarFinancing options include:

  • Outright sale
  • Leasing (Capital or expense)
  • Renting

We provide summary billing options including local language support and collections in local currency.

For qualification requirements and application processing please contact our sales office