Norbell - Call Center Outsourcing Company Since 1998

Right Place for all your call center outsourcing needs

We are a full call center outsourcing services provider company. We are one of the largest call center outsourcing (Business Process Outsourcing) service provider companies in North America.

We started our telephone based tele marketing services and tele support services in 1998. Strict call center quality control, stringent data security policies, highly competent call center agents and robust call center technology enabled us to become the most trusted and reliable call center outsourcing services company in Toronto.  We provide offshore call center outsourcing service to all size of business houses based in any part of the world.

We as a call center outsourcing firm in Toronto are specialized in all type call center services, products, technologies, management programs and computer-telephony integration. We deliver to customers worldwide a selection of call center services and packages with exceptional quality and services at affordable and competitive prices. Our in-depth understanding of the call center business and call center technology enable us to provide our customers with unique call center solutions.

Call Center Service Highlights

  • We customize every outsourced call center program to meet your business needs.
  • Our flexible network of integrated call centers gives us the unique ability to precisely match agents to volume.
  • Our multi location call centers enable us to continually provide service, during natural or man-made disasters.
  • Our professional agents handles more than 2 million calls in different languages and time zones for our clients ranging from Fortune 100 firms to small private practices.
  • Our agents go through a rigorous training process before starting their career as call enter agent and are continuously monitored using a quality assurance checklist.
  • Our each call center process has team of dedicated managers and in-house technicians to provide assistance 24/7/365.

Our extensive experience in the telecommunications services and network industry ensures that our call center solutions are the best. Our success is achieved through telecommunications expertise, consulting program and project management, design, planning, engineering, implementation and commissioning.

Our call center management and engineering teams are the key to our success. Each member of the team is well qualified and experienced in their area of responsibility. The organization's structure and management are very effective and responsive to customer’s opportunities and deliverables. The organization structure allows proactive decision making and service customization.

Our global strategic alliances are key in the delivery of international call center business opportunities and projects. The alliances provide us with the ability to provide end-to-end call center solutions with innovative products and technologies at very attractive prices.